We analyze current market trends in search of potential opportunities for the development of a new business venture. Strong growth opportunities and the possibility of multiplication are key elements for creating a business. Through these means, the personal and structural synergies of the existing companies within Vavu Group are used.


The implementation of a new business proceeds in four phases: 


It always starts with the idea. This creates our goals and visions.


With the help of an in-depth market analysis, we examine the potential of the idea and clarify current needs. In a further step, we create a customized business and budget plan for securing financing, as well as a calculation of the income statement.



A competent management team, which carries the vision and supports the start-up phase, as well as ensures the successful implementation of the marketing concept is key to a successful implementation.

After suitable work / production areas have been found, professionally competent personnel are hired. Production processes are clarified and if necessary optimized. Then follows the launch.



Finally, we continuously analyze customer satisfaction, efficiency and profit optimization, which ensures maximum utilization of existing resources.